Curriculum Vitae

Academic Positions:

Faculty Fellow, Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame

Faculty Fellow, Eck Institute for Global Health, University of Notre Dame

Higher Education:

2006 Ph.D. Anthropology.  Joint program of University of Illinois at Chicago and Field Museum of Natural History.

2001 M.A. Anthropology (with an emphasis on Ecology).  University of Florida.

1998 B.A. (cum laude).  Biology, Anthropology, and Environmental Studies.  Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin.

Selected Publications:

2013 Shaping the Motherhood of Indigenous Mexico. Nashville: Vanderbilt Press.

2012 Managing Labor and Delivery among Impoverished Populations in Mexico: Cervical Examinations as Bureaucratic Practice. American Anthropologist 115(4): 595–607.  

2012 Bodies of Risk: Constructing Motherhood in a Mexican Public Hospital.  Social Science and Medicine 75(12): 2275–2282.

2012 An Analysis of Two Indigenous Reproductive Health Illnesses In a Nahua Community in Veracruz, Mexico. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine. DOI: 10.1186/1746-4269-8-33.

2012 “They Don’t Know Anything”: How Medical Authority Constructs Perceptions of Reproductive Risk among Low-Income Mothers in Mexico.  In Risk, Reproduction, and Narratives of Experience (Pp. 103-121).  Edited by L. Fordyce and A. Maraesa. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press.

2011 Bauer, Brian S., Vania Smith-Oka, and Gabriel Cantarutti, translators. Report on the Fables and Rites of the Incas by Cristóbal de Molina.  Austin: University of Texas Press.

2009 Unintended Consequences: Exploring the Tensions between Development Programs and Indigenous Women in Mexico in the Context of Reproductive Health. Social Science and Medicine 68(11):2069-2077.

2009 Plants used for Reproductive Health among the Modern-Day Nahua. Part of website published by MexicoLore.

2008 Plants used for Reproductive Health by Nahua Women in Northern Veracruz, Mexico. Journal of Economic Botany 62(4):604-614.

2007 Bauer, Brian S. and Vania Smith, translators.  The History of the Incas by Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa.  Austin: University of Texas Press.

2006 Traditional Medicine among the Nahua: Comparing Contemporary and Ancient Medicinal Plant Use. Report for the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.

Recent Presentations:

2013   Invited Discussant for “Challenging Communities: Power, Boundaries, and Resistance” at the University of Illinois’s Second City Anthropology Graduate Conference. Chicago, IL. March 9, 2013.

2013   Birthing for the First Time: How Boundaries Define, Confine, and Refine Adolescent Reproduction. “Probing the Boundaries of Reproduction: Origins, Bodies, Transitions, Futures”, 1st Global Conference. Prague, Czech Republic, May 12-14, 2013.

2011 Birthing Along the Passages: How Medical/Non-Medical Spaces are Created in an Obstetrics Ward in Mexico.  American Anthropological Association. Montreal, Canada, November 15-20, 2011.

2011 Invited Discussant for “Reproductive Choice and Romantic Desire: Explorations of Intimacy, Sexuality, and Evolving Gender Norms” at the Society for Psychological Anthropology meeting, Santa Monica, CA.  March 31-April 3, 2011.

2010 “It’s Like Giving Birth in a Private Hospital:” Analyzing the Connection Between Technology and Low-Income Women’s Perceptions of Birth Outcome.  Society for Applied Anthropology meeting. Mérida, Mexico, March 24-28, 2010.

Professional Membership:

American Anthropological Association

Society for Medical Anthropology

Society for Applied Anthropology

Society for Latin American Anthropology

Society for Economic Botany

Council on Anthropology and Reproduction

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