Current Students

Alexandria Kristensen Cabrera – A senior Science-Business Major and International Development Studies Minor with research interests in maternal and child health, nutrition, health care systems, and medical anthropology. Her current research is on the practice of breastfeeding in the Dominican Republic.

Lauren O’Connell – A sophomore Anthropology and Pre-Health Studies major with a minor in the Glynn Family Honors Program and research interests including global health development, women’s health, and the relationship between culture and western medicine. She is currently assisting Dr. Smith-Oka on research regarding the social networks of doctors in Mexico and the characteristics that make good and bad doctors.

Becky Wornhoff – A senior Anthropology and Pre-Professional major with interests in medical anthropology and child socialization in Latin America. She works on Dr.Smith-Oka’s data studying empathy and medical training in Puebla, Mexico.

Nick Nissen – A senior Spanish Major, Arts and Letters Pre-Health Supplementary major, and International Development Studies minor with an interest in Latin America and healthcare development. His current research in medical anthropology is focused around childbirth practices in Latin America, specifically focusing on cesarean overuse in the Dominican Republic.

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