The Culture of Medicine: How Doctors Think (College Seminar)

CSEM 23101 – The Culture of Medicine How Doctors Think

Discussion-based course that explores how physicians are trained across cultures, and how their training shapes their interaction with their patients.  Investigates topics using an interdisciplinary approach.  Emphasis on oral expression through discussion, presentations, and debate.

Exploring Anthropology (University Seminar)

Syllabus: ANTH 13181

Introduces first-year students to anthropological issues and perspectives.  Focuses on questions surrounding ideas of society, belonging, identity, and power.  Emphasis on examining how populations and individuals have responded to difference and inequality through various forms of resistance.

Societies & Cultures of Latin America

Syllabus: ANTH 20360

Provides an overarching introduction to the societies and cultures of Latin America.  Draws from history and current events to produce anthropological perspectives on the forces that have shaped these countries and peoples.

Fundamentals of Social & Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 20203 – Fundamentals of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Introduces the basics of social and cultural aspects of anthropology.  Explores issues of human cultural diversity across cultures and through time.  Looks at key theoretical, topical, and ethical issues.

People, Environment, & Justice

 ANTH 30325 – People, Enviornment, and Justice

Analyzes the intersections of populations and environments, examining both industrial components and traditional environmental knowledge.  This course will work to identify major environmental issues facing today’s global population, their causes, and potential solutions.

Gender & Health

ANTH 40825 – Gender and Health

Looks at the intersection of gender, health policy, and health care organization around the world.  Topics include critical medical anthropology, politics, poverty, and the social production of illness and healing.

Cultural Difference & Social Change

ANTH 43306 – Cultural Difference and Social Change

Designed especially for students returning from service/study abroad experiences in the developing world.  Grapples with issues of cross-cultural understanding that arise in relation to things like globalization, activism, aid, service, etc.

Anthropology of Reproduction

ANTH 45826 – Anthropology of Reproduction

Explores a variety of reproduction-related issues: pregnancy and childbirth, midwifery, reproductive freedom, and the politics of the nation-state as they affect human reproduction and its relation to people’s choices and behavior.

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